What is 2RT? 

2RT is a non-invasive retinal laser procedure that stimulates a natural, biological healing response within your eye to help stop or slow the degenerative process that causes age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

What happens during the treatment? 

The 2RT laser is perfored in the rooms during the consultation. Immediately prior to the procedure, the clinical staff will administer eye drops to prepare your eye for the treatment. A contact lens will be placed on your eye and spots of the 2RT laser light will be delivered through a specially designed microscope. You may hear clicking sounds during the procedure and see a flashing light; this is the aiming beam used by your ophthalmologist to position the laser correctly. 


What can I do after the treatment? 

You can resume your normal day-to-day activities after the treatment. You will be required to have your eyes re-checked by the ophthalmologist during periodic follow-up visits, which will be scheduled by our rooms for you. 

How many treatments do I require? 

The treatment regime for 2RT laser is once per eye every six months for a three-year period. Your ophthalmologist will give treatment accordingly.  

Visit the Macular Disease Foundation Australia for more information


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Before 2RT treatment


After two sessions of  2RT treatment


2RT - Retinal Rejuvination

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